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Service Tax Registration

The service tax act is a law that was enacted in 2003 in India to allow the collection of taxes from businesses and individuals who perform a service for hire. Any person liable for paying the service tax shall make an application to the concerned superintendent of central excise for registration within a period of thirty days from the date on which the service tax is levied.

For the organizations based in india, we provide flexible, personalized reliable and quality service tax registration services at affordable rates. Our professional team has been highly appreciated by one and all in the industry for its competitive services and unmatchable satisfactory services. Timely execution, quality services at competitive prices is the most important need of every client which our professional team keeps in mind when working for clients. Here is a list of the requirements for service-tax registration :
  1. Self attested copy of permanent account number (PAN) issues by income tax authorities (Both sides) - Proprietor/ firm/ company.
  2. Residential address proof of proprietor/ partners and directors/ authorized signatory- rent agreement/ Ownership proof.
  3. ID Proof- PAN Card of director/ partner/ authorized signatory.
  4. address of the business premises along with the address proof- Rent agreement/ ownership paper
  5. Name/ nature of services provided with detail description.
  6. In case of companies, furnish
    • extract of board of resolution/ list of director
    • MOA with form 32 in case of change in directors
  7. In case of others
    • Notarized partnership deed showing date of formation
    • No objection certificate from other partners/HUF
  8. Undertakings to be signed- format enclosed
  9. Form of declaration to be signed
  10. Power of attorney to be signed

Service Tax Registration Procedure India

Service tax registration procedure India is easy and no more complex as it was earlier acknowledged. If you are seeking registration, then it is important for you to begin with filing an application in form ST-1 before the jurisdictional central excise/service tax officer. To verify the declaration in the said form, certain documents are required to be submitted :
  • copy of PAN card
  • proof of address of business premises
  • Constitution of the business (proprietorship, firm, company, trust, institute etc.) may be required by the registering authority.
The copies to be submitted should be self-certified by the applicant. Additionally, in case of doubts, the registering authority may ask for original documents for verification. When applying for the tax registration service, it may seem to be a long procedure but in general, the registration certificate should be issued within a period of seven days from the date of submission of application.
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